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Brian Sorohan (left) Stacy Sorohan (Right)

Family Living With Dead Body Of Deceased Service Member

24 March 2017 News Breaking News

In Tuscarawas County, Ohio, Police entered the home of Brian and Stacy Sorohan to investigate allegations of social security fraud only to find, along with the relevant documents, the body of deceased veteran Robert Harris. It appears that the family had been receiving the deceased family member’s social security checks. All three family members in the home were arrested including their 18 year old daughter, Brianna Sorohan.

Robert Harris’ body was found only feet away from the family sleeping area. Police believe he had been dead for several months, however neighbors state that they had not seen or heard from Mr Harris for at least three years.
Brian and Stacy Sorohan are being charged with gross abuse of a corpse and failure to report a death along with the original charge of social security fraud.
Brian and Stacy are currently in jail with a bond of $20,000 but Brianna has been released on her own recognizance.

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