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How To Login To Chat Using A Mobile Device

17 March 2016 News

Since many people have “complained” about not being able to login to the chatroom with their mobile device, I decided to write this short tutorial to give you through the steps.
If you have not already registered a username for the chatroom, you can do so by clicking HERE


Step 1. Download the  WTF Nation Radio App HERE

Step 2. Open the WTF Nation Radio App

Step 3. Enter the Chatroom

Step 4. Exit the chatroom

Step 5. Logout of the chatroom

Step 6. Login to the chatroom. If you have not created a username and password you can also do that here.

Step 7. Once you have logged in, select the chatroom you want to join.

Step 8. You have now successfully logged into the chatroom and will be listed under your registered username.


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