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The Ice Man, This guy is one who is fluent in profanity that it’s almost and art form. He’s also the NCO who shows so little affection that you wonder if he’s ever even kissed his own wife and you can’t even be certain that he is capable of feeling emotions.

He is like an absent father who scares the crap out of you,  but you still fight your ass off to gain his respect; and maybe one day, a hug. He doesn’t smoke you when you screw up or congratulate you when you do well. He cares just as much about what comes out of the CO’s mouth as he does the day one private telling was stories about basic training, but he’ll never show an inkling of disrespect to either, He can always be seen with a cup of coffee and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

He is forged in the crucible of battle and quench hardened in blood and guts. He scares the hell out of you, but you know when the SHTF; he’s got your back and he IS going to give you the tools to make it home