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Feisty-Minx, or Minx, wandered into the WTF Nation one day and hasn’t really left since. A 10 year veteran of the MEDDAC Army, she likes to rub it in how good she had it and has often asked “What the hell is this ‘formation’ thing y’all keep talking about?”. Starting off as a co-host, the bosses must have seen something special as she quickly advanced to hosting her own show and is also now part of the command staff.
She is playful by nature, but do take care as she is fiercely protective over her WTFNR family and has been known to conjure a hex or two (ok, like 10) for those she views as enemies. Stubborn as hell, she loves taking on new challenges and is very driven when it comes to something she’s passionate about.
During her show, you might experience a bit of “Medical Time with Minx” where you’ll learn a bunch about something you’d rather not know. For example, the list of foreign objects she’s had to remove from inside of people. She has a lot of useless nerd knowledge and can talk for hours about Disney, Harry Potter, Ender’s Game, Game of Thrones, LOTR, Marvel/DC, and Star Wars.
She drinks and she knows things. Her little birds are everywhere.
Xoxo Minx