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Otto the Auto DJ Come By The Live Chat and Request A Song


Hey y’all! I’m Spanky. I’m a walking talking musical dictionary whose rolodex is
full of random music artists and their brothers. Spotify ain’t got shit on me. I have
my DD214 blanket so “I do what I want”. I can smash beer cans with my tits after
I drink them. I’ll also smash your dreams. Raptor Mom and I will hug you then
bury the bodies as we celebrate over drinks. I am also co-commander of the
Blivet BDE. Pass me a beer………thanks…

Actually I’m super nice. Spanky doesn’t mean what you think. It means I’m a
quadruple midnight black-belt in fuckery. I’m sweet enough to rob a bank blind by
batting my eyes and pretty enough to get your mom pregnant.