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Spanky was born at a very young age and came to the station in December 2016.  She started out working for snacks and doing “Anything you tell me to” and is now the Operations Manager and SGT’s Time Co-host. Think S3 and Ice’s Gunner if you need military language.  She retired after a very very very long career and sometimes misses her Senior NCO days, especially if she hasn’t had enough caffeine.   During her time in the Army she was a 25B, 42A, and finally a 74D.. in other words she knows everything except how to fall out of airplanes. Since retiring she can be found raising “The Girl”, which really just involves giving her money and food and driving her everywhere.  Most important thing to know about her is that she will never say no to a Diet Coke or snack cake… keep that in mind when emailing her.

Message to the mentally disturbed:

Don’t kill yourself
Or anyone else
Stay here with us
Your time to shine is coming