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We Want To Give You Something For Supporting Us!

22 January 2016 News

Well, sort of. In the past, our loyal listeners have kept us afloat by sending donations and getting nothing but our undying love, devotion, and stupid human tricks in return. We have taken what was left of the money after Redleg and Raptor 7 bought hookers and cocaine and had some shirts made. What better way to show your continued support than by wearing a shirt which proclaims your love for WTF Nation Radio and causing people to ask, “what the fuck are you wearing?”

Here’s the thing: We’re selling these shirts at such a ridiculously low price, they’re sure to sell out FAST. By the time you figure in the free shipping and the fact we really aren’t going to make shit for profit from these shirts, you’re practically stealing them from us. Raptor 6 fully supports you stealing shit from us.

Also, whoever places order number 33 will get their shirt FOR FREE. Why number 33? That’s how many times Badger had to take the ASVAB to get a high enough score to join the national guard.

Head To The WTFNR Store To Get Your Shirt Now!

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